Saturday, 14 April 2012


Man I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Actually I mostly love Sarah Michelle Gellar (it's her birthday today!) and the '90s but it's kind of the same thing.

Anyways this show is fantastic. Made by the ultra goony but nonetheless talented Joss Whedon, it chronicles young Buffy Summers on her quest to vanquish dark spirits from the world. It's pure fanboy gold in that it has a bangin' hot lead character who kicks a lot of ass, along with some pretty awesome side characters like Willow (Buffy's best friend, also a lesbian [this is important to the story]), Giles (librarian at Buffy's high school who educates her on dark forces), and that other guy who's always with them (I think he does something important but I can't remember). 

I remember Buffy aired after Dragon Ball Z on Saturday nights back in the mystical time period of the '90s at 10:00PM. My mother was cool and let me stay up to watch. My first crush was Buffy and apparently still is because I own the first season on DVD. Back in high school my desktop wallpaper was the below picture of her until admin told me to take it down. Good times.

The show had some pretty intricate storylines but a lot of good humour peppered throughout as well. It went from kind of lighthearted in the beginning to a bit darker and edgier (for the better, of course) in the later seasons. I never saw the original movie but the poster makes it look like it's early '90s/wannabe '80s whereas the show was definitely the grittier type of affair that defined the latter half of the decade.

Blogs are now gonna be done only during the week because I have things (i.e. a life) going on on the weekend.

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