Thursday, 19 April 2012


Awesome fighting game and the earliest N64 game I can remember caring about. Says a lot about a console when the oldest game you can remember playing on it came out two years before its demise, but whatever.

Super Smash Bros. is one of my favourite fighting games and god dammit they're still killing me every time a new one comes out. I seriously get as happy as a pig in shit hearing perspective rosters for future titles and everything. It brings out the fanboy in me. But hey apparently everything I discuss on this blog does. It should just be called "Things Joe Likes". 

So back onto Smash Bros., it has eight of the most famous Nintendo characters duking it out, then four lesser known buggers you can unlock. It's a great game to play whilst drinking, and doesn't limit you in choice if someone picks your character - you simply get a different costume when you pick the same as someone else. There's a story mode that you kind of have to fill in with your mind, but the gist of it is that a giant hand takes toys and jerks them around for his pleasure. You, being one of those toys, have to fight back, but some of your stuffed allies decide to impede you. Thus, you must defeat the many ranks of Master Hand before getting to fight the pale glove himself. Crazy stuff. I like playing as Pikachu because of his dickhead double jump and rude-as-heck Up-B attack. Come at me.

Sorry for the lack of effort in this blog tonight but I just got off work a bit ago and want to wind down. Tomorrows might probably be better!

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