Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Way of the Dragon (Ball)

Dragon Ball Z is the best cartoon, nay, best TV show of all time. Thrill to its multi-episode long exploits! Chill at the thought of Goku spending half an episode screaming! Gooniest of goons, fap to the many female characters like Master Roshi would!

YTV, basically the Cartoon Network of Canada, used to broadcast Dragon Ball Z on weeknights at 8PM, usually until 9PM or so. On certain weekends in the summer as well as holidays where parents would be out, they served as a perfect cheap babysitter by locking down with marathons of the movies and key episodes of the show (like ones with the best fight scenes during the Cell Games or Frieza Saga). Basically nirvana for kids.

My favourite characters were always Trunks and Piccolo. Piccolo was one hella badass and had an interesting shift from bad guy to good, and Trunks had a really awesome aura of mystery around him. The way he effortless beat the shit out of Frieza let you know he wasn't playin' around.

Dragon Ball Z is the first anime I ever got hooked on, and it will be the last. I never really cared much about Dragon Ball (it was cool but the alien aspect that conquered much of DBZ was why I loved it), and Dragon Ball GT was a disappointment. Dragon Ball Kai is what I'm using to bang out my rewatch of the series. No filler, no pointless crap.

Seriously, I think any testosterone-enriched human being has to agree that this show is the best thing ever. It's pure male fantasy, the ability to change your hair and become deezed at the snap of a finger, as well as being able to survive being thrown through (not into, through) mountains.

Oh coincidentally I hear there's going to be a game made for the Xbox 360 Kinect where you can fight like a Saiyan. This can go one of two ways; it'll either be the greatest video gaming experience of all time, or a massive failure. Here's hoping there's no screwup!

What will I write about next time? Find out on the next exciting episode of The 90s Zone!

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