Friday, 6 April 2012

Holy shit it's Batman

Batman is so cool. Even today he's the most epic badass of all time. I don't understand the appeal to Chuck Norris - he got his ass kicked by Bruce Lee and doesn't really do much of anything nowadays. Batman is probably one of the few people who could give Bruce a run for his money.

Of course Batman didn't get his start in the 90s; goodness, the guy's been around since at least the 1940s. However, the dark knight had quite a revival in his popularity during that period, and even went through some rough patches before bouncing back up to the top in the mid-2000s (see left). I'll admit I didn't think the 1989 film was the apex of his career, but there's no denying that Batman Returns is just awesome. Serious. Batman and Robin, as I alluded to above, sure was a thing and a half, and if you don't take it seriously (years of Nolanverse Batman has left me conditioned though) it can be really enjoyable to hear some of the worst ice related puns ever. Freeze Birdboy! Stay cool! Allow me to break the ice! Oh my god I'm starting to hear Schwarzenegger as I type this.
There's the whole matter of the cartoons and toys too that defined Batman in the 1990s; those toy commercials were some of the most compelling things on television and made damn sure you went screaming to your mom and dad to buy you the new Batmobile so you could teach that nasty Joker a thing or two. The cartoons were really neat because they were dark and gritty but not in a way where kids would be put off or scared. Okay maybe some were but those usually were the ones who told on you if you swore at school or something. 

At the end of the day Batman still reigns supreme and continues to put out a myriad of really really neat things. Here's to another 70 years of the bat!

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