Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday; Nirvana and other fitting things.

Sorry that I didn't do one of these yesterday. Turns out Easter is a hell of a thing!

Welp, 18 years ago today we lost a king of the underground music scene. That's right, Kurt Cobain died today back in 1994. As far as I know there's a lot of mystery surrounding his death and everything (official ruling was suicide, but who knows), with the most popular theory being that it was that harpie Courtney Love who had the entire thing orchestrated. Wouldn't shock me. It's kind of funny that he had his own little Yoko Ono considering the guy loved The Beatles. His life story really is a downer but if you don't mind that check it out because it's really interesting. He did quite a number of pretty good Led Zeppelin covers too which is really awesome.

I'll admit that Nirvana's heyday was a little past my time, but back in grade school I got a mix CD from a friend that had some of their stuff on it and I was hooked. Truly a sound for the ages! Even all throughout high school I enjoyed flicking them on every now and then.

I refuse to link to the VEVO of Nirvana's music, because I feel Kurt himself wouldn't want me paying into the capitalist hierarchy of music. 

On second thought he probably wouldn't give a shit and have general apathy towards it, but whatever.

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